How it Works?

For the Couple

+ How do we get started?

It’s easy. All you have to do is click on “Get it Now” on the home page and enter the required details. The Wedding URL is the link that you will be circulating to your guests for them to access your website. If you have a promo code then do enter that and click apply to avail the discount. Do ensure that you enter a valid email address because all communication from Euphoriq will be sent to this account. Once you click “Create”, we will send you a link to verify your email address. Sometimes this email ends up in the Spam folder or “promotions” or “social” tabs if using GMAIL. Kindly, do check those and add us to your address book. Unless your email is verified it will not be possible to add details to your wedding website. 

+ How do we add all the details for our site?

Login to your site by clicking here. After logging in, click on the “Admin” icon on the top right of your site name. After that, simply click on each of the buttons on the top navigation to enter all the relevant details. 

+ How do we inform our guests?

One of the best ways to inform all your guests is via email invites. Euphoriq’s Royal and Eternal Packages allow you to create your detailed guest list on the site itself. Once the list has been created, you can shoot out email invites, save the dates and what not. All of these will have information on how to access your site and app. Alternatively, you can invite guests via other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. All you need to give them is a link to your wedding website along with your wedding code [Alphanumeric code sent to you when you create the wedding website]. This code is unique to your site and anyone with this code will be able to access your site and app.  

+ How do we upgrade to the premium version?

Login to your wedding website. Click on the “Admin” link on the top right. Thereafter, click on “Upgrade Now”. Select the package and follow the standard checkout process. We have a secured payment gateway and accept most popular cards. Kindly reach out to us in case you have any questions/ concerns.

+ Can we hide some sections?

Yes you can! Click on the “Settings” tab in the admin mode. Here you can hide / unhide available sections.

+ We still need some help. Who do we reach out to?

Drop us an email on with a link to your wedding website. We will gladly take care of your concerns. 

For the Guests

+ How do I join a wedding?

Download the app from Android OR iOS mobile app stores. Sign-up either through your Google or Facebook accounts or create a new account on Euphoriq using your email address. After logging into the app, click on “Join Wedding Using Code”. Here enter the wedding code that has been shared with you by the wedding couple. Do note, if the couple has already sent you an invite via email, then upon logging in you will already see the wedding listed there. Simply click on the wedding and get started.

+ What do I do after downloading the app?

Here is where the fun starts. You can get all the details for the wedding. So no longer is there a need to carry the card with you on the day of the wedding searching for locations. With Google Maps integrated, finding the venue will be extremely easy. Also, one of the best features of the app is that you can view pictures being taken by people in real time. You can also upload some fun candid shots. The couple will love it. Also, go ahead and post some comments in the “Wishes” section. It’s the couple’s digital wedding guest book.

+ How do I upload photos?

You can upload the photos via the website as well as the app. On the website, you will need to login, click on gallery and then upload the photos. As for the app, it is possible to take photos within the app by clicking on the camera icon on each screen. You can also click on “Upload Photos” to add photos to the common gallery.

+ Who all can see the photos that I upload?

The Euphoriq album is a real time shared album. This means anyone with access to the wedding website and app can view and upload photos.

+ I still need some help. Who do I reach out to?

Sure. No problem at all. Drop us a line on and we will take care of it for you.