What is Euphoriq Weddings?
Euphoriq weddings is a way to capture all memories related to your wedding, share many details with your guests and make planning an easy process. We provide a Web + Mobile solution. Our add on services help you in making the experience more customised to your requirements.

How many guests can I give the app to?
Simple answer – As many as you would like to. Once you buy the package from us you are free to distribute your wedding code to as many guests that you would like to contribute to your wedding experience

How many photos can I upload?
The number of photos uploaded is clearly based on the package you select.

How many times can I download photos?
We provide a full photo album download option once towards the expiry of your package. You can always email us at contact@euphoriq.in and we can accommodate special download requests on a case by case basis. However, kindly note, we do not provide a download option for customers that do not upgrade from trial to paid accounts.

How many months before the wedding can I start using the app and website?
We recommend you start doing it as soon as possible. This will help you setup your guestlist easily and start collecting all the fun wedding planning memories in one place.

My wedding is in 2 weeks. Is it too late to use Euphoriq?
Not at all. Typically the most activity for a wedding happens during the last few weeks. You will be able to collect all those memories and also help out your guests by giving them easy access to event details. Since you would have already created your guestlist elsewhere we make it super easy for you to add your guests. Just share the wedding code with them and they will be able to access your wedding.

Can I buy only the website OR only the app?
We provide a fully integrated solution. Hence, there is no option to buy only either of the two. You can chose to publicise only your app or website. However, we would strongly recommend that for a truly Euphoriq experience using both the app and the website is essential.

Which browser is required for best viewing experience?
For best viewing experience download Google Chrome. We also support IE10 and Firefox.


How do I create an account OR How do my guests create an account?
It is extremely easy to create an account on Euphoriq. You just have to sign in using your Facebook OR Google ids. You can also create an account through the sign up form. However, that will require you to verify your email address. We block access to certain sections of the website and app if the email address is not verified to protect our customers’ privacy.

Will my uncles and aunties be able to use this app?
Yes absolutely! We have designed the app and the website such that it is very intuitive to view the information, take a photo and post comments.

But my family is not at all tech savvy. How will they use this?
Don’t worry our design is very user friendly. They / you can always give us a call and we can schedule an in person demo (Currently in Mumbai only). Also, you might be surprised. There are many people on popular chatting and social networking applications these days. Trust us, your family might surprise you with their enthusiasm in making your biggest day even more memorable.

Who can delete the photos?
All the administrators to your account can delete any photo. Additionally, any user can delete the photo that they have uploaded.

Will my guests have to scroll through all the weddings on Euphoriq to access mine?
No absolutely not. Your guests only see the weddings that they have been invited to. They will easily be able to access your wedding from the “Weddings List” on both the app and the website.

Is 3G absolutely necessary for the app to work?
No not at all. We do prefer that you use 3G; however we have optimised our app to work well even on 2G.

Which platforms do you support?
We are available on two of the biggest Mobile App platforms – Android (http://is.gd/eupand) and iOS (http://is.gd/eupios).


Can I use Euphoriq to replace my professional photographer?
No. We are not replacing the professional photographer. They do an excellent job of capturing the main function, portraits, some rare candid moments, videos and lots more. Our product and services are complementary.

Are cell phone pictures of good quality?
Thankfully, the smartphone revolution has led to a surge in phones having very high quality cameras. The megapixel war ensures that photos for your wedding will be of a good quality and worth cherishing.

What do you mean by candid photography through cell phones?
Some of the best moments related to your wedding will be captured by your friends and families using cell phones. Memories such as taking a photo at the airport just before coming for the wedding or going shopping for new clothes for the wedding are priceless. Moreover, friends and family tend to be less inhibited when somebody they know is taking a picture. You will get all these candid moments through cell phone photography.

Can I upload photos from non cell phone cameras?
Yes of course! We strongly recommend you to upload all your photos through the website. You can also upload all your professional photos as well. If you send us a DVD with the photos, we will happily do it for you.


Who all will be able to view my photographs?
Your photos are viewable by anyone you have shared the wedding code with and/or invited through your website. Additionally, guests that have access to the gallery can share photos to their Facebook accounts.

I sent the code to a someone by mistake. What do I do now?
Don’t worry. You can delete the guest from the admin section of your website. In case you need help with this do let us know.

Which all networks can people share the photographs to?
We are currently supporting sharing to Facebook from the mobile app and website. In case you would like to share to some other networks as well, do let us know. We will try our best to make it happen for you.

Do you have a moderation service?
We do provide it as an add on service. Contact us to learn more.

Add Ons

Who can I talk to for understanding the add on products and services?
You can call us directly at +919930080096 OR send us an email at contact@euphoriq.in and we will be more than delighted to discuss with you.

What kind of custom domains are available in the Eternal package?
We provide readily available domains with an upper price limit of Rs.650/- per year. Most couples tend to go for .com or .in domain names.

Free Package

What all is included in the free package?
The free package includes both the website and mobile app. You can upload photos for the homepage slideshow, publish your event details, invite guests using the wedding code, collect comments in the guest book and publish important contact information.

Can guests upload photos?
In the free package we do not provide the option for guests to upload photos. As such there is no shared gallery that your guests can view, like and comment on.

Can I send email invitations in the free package?
No. The free package allows you to only invite guests using the wedding code which can be shared through other channels.

What if I don’t upgrade to a paid version?
Sure. We do understand that you might not want to purchase a paid package. We will lock your account after the expiry of the package.


Who do I reach out to if I am having trouble setting up the wedding details?
You can call us directly at +919930080096 OR send us an email at contact@euphoriq.in

Who do my guests reach out to?
Your guests can reach out to us anytime by sending an email to contact@euphoriq.in We will respond within 24 hours.

Can I just email you the stuff and can you set it up?
Sure. We do understand that you might be hardpressed for time. We can setup the basic information such as wedding and event details, feed in the our story section according to the content provided by you and upload photos that you send us. However, certain aspects such as guest list management require your attention. We can guide you through it, but will not be able to setup the guestlist.

Will you upload my guestlist which is currently in MSExcel format into your product?
Yes! You can do it as well. There is an option to download an Excel template and then upload it in the admin section. Contact us in case you are having any trouble with it.

Payment and Refunds

How do I pay for the products and services on Euphoriq.in?
We have a super and secure payment gateway up and running now. We accept payment through most major banks’ credit and debit cards.

What is your refund policy?
We will provide a full refund minus the payment gateway charges to your account if asked for within 7 calendar days from the date of purchase. Beyond that we do not offer any refund to our customers.

Do I get to download the photos and comments taken if I have asked for a refund?
We do not provide photo or comments or data download to customers that have asked for a refund.