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Euphoriq Celebrates: WhatKnot – Wedding Photographers

We at Euphoriq love Indian weddings and want to share with you the profiles of those who share our passion of making weddings memorable through their sheer skill and talent. WhatKnot is a premier wedding photography outfit run by Aditya and Aditya. They simply love capturing each and every beautiful moment at Indian weddings.

Aditya Mahagaonkar

Aditya Marathe

What inspired you to take up wedding photography?

We have been shutterbugs for a quite some time now. As hobbyists, we covered weddings for friends and family but quickly understood that we had the knack of capturing the true emotions and mood of the wedding. We started learning the fine details of wedding photography and other technical aspects and then there was no looking back. We derive inspiration from the works of Ryan Brenizer and Scott Kelby

What makes for good wedding pictures?

To capture that ‘perfect moment’ one needs to anticipate when it is going to happen. Apart from that, one has to be technically perfect in terms of lighting and should know their equipment in and out. This will give you a head start in creating good wedding pictures

What is the one tip you’d give to aspiring wedding photographers?

Learn to see, shoot loads and most importantly, just have fun !

Get in touch with WhatKnot by clicking here. They cover all wedding events including pre-wedding shoots.

Begin capturing your wedding moments using Euphoriq’s wedsite and mobile app. Don’t worry you can upload your professional photographs as well!

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Euphoriq Celebrates: Devendra Sadhale – Wedding Photographer

We at Euphoriq love Indian weddings and want to share with you quick profiles of those who share our passion of making weddings memorable through their sheer skill and talent. Devendra Sadhale is a wedding photographer who loves capturing every moment. Here he shares his take on wedding photography with us.

What inspired you to take up wedding photography?

The unbeatable exciting & happy smiles that come up on everyone’s faces on seeing the pictures…and to be particular a comment – “I relived my wedding moments through your incredible pictures. Can’t thank enough!”

What makes for good wedding pictures?

Suitable lights & colours, smiling faces, good photography equipment and the class apart vision to make a normal picture look extraordinary.

What is the one tip you’d give to aspiring wedding photographers?

It’s not just the high end equipment that is needed to succeed. The vision is what makes the difference; & skills to utilize the given light and space is the key.

Check out more of Devendra’s works by clicking here.

You can maintain a real time online album which is private and social through Euphoriq. Begin capturing your wedding moments using Euphoriq’s wedsite and mobile app.

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Wedding Costs

5 Tips to save on wedding costs and manage your wedding budget

Getting married is one of the most important days of our lives (Drake Ramoray, anyone?). That being said, with emotions running on an all time high it is easy to go a tad bit overboard with the wedding costs. Do note, being cost conscious does not mean that you are cheap or not excited about your wedding. It simply means you might be saving that little extra for maybe going bungee jumping on your honeymoon or for that super special couples’ chocolate spa!

Here are five tips to be a little prudent when it comes to smartly saving on your wedding costs. In fact there are many other areas as well where you could save a few bucks, we have just picked the one’s with major impact. Read on to learn more.

1) Time is money

Book everything early. Venue, photographer, decorator, caterer, honeymoon travel, air tickets for guests and what not. Somehow the prices never seem to be going down and it is best to get the rates sorted as early as possible. Many vendors tend to revise rates upwards at the beginning of a new wedding season. Hence, if you are lucky and can book them on their old rates you just saved yourselves possibly a few lakhs. Also, there is almost always a case of last minute premium that will be extorted if you approach them at the last minute. So be careful.

2) Tap into the Indian creative genius

The one thing that I love about India (and sometimes hate) is that we have way too many smart and creative people. If there is a very elegant but exorbitantly priced dress that you like and have set your heart on, do a little digging around. Chances are that you will find the brands’ suppliers’ suppliers’ mothers’ sister selling similar stuff for a price that just helped you buy a round trip ticket to Kerala.

3) Venue is and isn’t everything

Scout around a little for the venue. A medium level venue can be made to look very elegant with the right kind of decor, whereas a very high profile venue might leave you with not much in the pocket to jazz it up. Pro tip: Whenever you go to see a venue, ask them to show you the decorator’s album as well. This will give you a very good idea about how to budget.

4) Double confirm the guest list

Cancellations happen. People back out. But not everyone informs you in time. What they don’t realize is that you might be booking a hotel room for them or a cab for them in advance and would lose out on some hard cash. It is prudent to call up guests and confirm their plans. Sometimes even getting this done a week or two before the main event makes a big difference because you get a very good idea about the minimum guarantees to give the caterer, hotelier and travel provider.

5) Choose your vendors wisely. 

I will elaborate a lot more on this tip soon. Stay in touch with us to know how?

Do check out our wedding website and app. You can use these to send classy invites,collect travel details, inform guests and collect lots of photos! Might even help you save some wedding costs and lots of time 😉

Featured image credit: Statuesqueevents

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Wedding Makeup


Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve dreamt about the perfect wedding.  By 10 years of age, you’ve already designed your dress; By 12, you’ve chosen the venue and by 15 even picked out the décor. Never mind the groom just yet!

But planning the nitty-gritty of your Big Day could mean that YOU take a back seat. The stress of the preparation and behind-the-scenes drama can rob you of your glow – making your skin look dull and lifeless. Here, we would like to remind you that you are the star. And this skin and makeup guide will only help you shine even brighter on your special day!


Image Credit: Gettyimages

  • Practising yoga, meditation or even just a relaxing spa day with your gal pals is great stress buster.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a home-made scrub twice a week for a few months before your wedding.  Simply mix some lemon juice, sugar, olive oil, and honey for a scrub that moisturises the skin as well as tightens pores. Find some more refreshing ideas here
  • Finish all the beauty treatments (waxing, facials etc.) at least one week before the wedding. This will give you enough time for your skin to recover in case of a bad reaction (shudder)
  • Make sure you load up on fresh fruit and vegetables – your skin reflects what you eat!


Image Credit: Gettyimages

  • Research for makeup styles you like and show them to your makeup artist in advance. He or she will be an expert judge on whether it is a right look for you. However, it may be a good idea to skip the latest makeup fads unless you’re absolutely sure you can carry it off.
  • Ensure your makeup artist is reputed and uses superior and long-lasting makeup products. Concealers, foundations, lip and eye colour should easily last you the entire celebration without any real need for touch-ups.  If possible, have your makeup trial in the morning to see how well it lasts for the entire day!
  • Your smile is going to be one of your biggest ornaments – make sure to avoid lipsticks that are too glossy or too matte. A moisturising lipstick is your best bet to keep your lips looking fresh.
  • Camera-test your makeup. Get your artist to give you a trial and get clicking! This way you will know for sure which look will give you the best photos.

Read more bridal makeup dos and don’ts from Marie Claire UK here

On the D-DAY

Image Credit: Gettyimages

  • Sometimes less is more. Focus on getting the basic factors of the makeup right – skin, eyebrows and lashes – and the rest of your makeup will fall beautifully into place.
  • Factor in plenty of time on the wedding day for the makeup artist and hairstylist to work their magic. This will also give you time to fix any unforeseen problems.
  • Keep cotton swabs and blotting wipes handy in your wedding purse. This is perfect for catching some runaway eyeliner or wiping away sweat without ruining your makeup.

Here are some good sites to get more information: Stylecraze , Marieclaire, Glamour, Makeupgeek, Homemadeforelle, Bridalmusings

Don’t miss a single beautiful moment of your wedding. Get your wedding app today!banner-ad2 

Featured Image Credit: KikitandTea

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Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation : Tips & Samples

The wedding invitation is the most important part of your pre-wedding preparations. To address a variety of people you need to make sure that your wedding invitation wording is perfect for everyone. Here are a few tips to jazz up your wedding invitation.

  • Collate all important information in one place – family names, event name, time, date, location, dress code, theme etc.
  • Consult elders on appropriateness and traditions for wedding invitation
  • Check and double check the information for accuracy and completeness
  • Include names of relevant family members basis the occasion e.g., Sangeet invitation will usually be on behalf of the youngsters in the family whereas Reception is usually on behalf of the parents
  • Make your wedding invitation creative and personal through use of lyrics, poems or quotes
  • Keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily translate to a classy wedding invitation
  • Use inserts or small cards for additional details. This will help avoid clutter
  • Make sure you tell your guests to either RSVP or to visit your wedding website
  • You can always add niceties such as a mithai or a chocolate box and/or a small gift. Keep an eye out for your budget though.
  • Last but not the least, simply sending a wedding invitation is not enough. Follow it up with a call or a meeting. Trust us, this will go a long way in making the guests feel extremely invited

Sample Wedding Invitation Wordings

Mehndi Ki Raat

Shruti’s cousins and their families invite you to join in an evening of mehndi, dinner and festivities

September 23, 2014 at 6 o’clock

89/4, Jahangir Road, New Bazaar, Lucknow -741320

Please RSVP by September 3rd, 2014 to giveyourmailid.com or 9111111111.

Marriage Ceremony

“With the blessings of Lord Ganesha we step into this world of marriage.”

A day as important as marriage will not be complete without our dearest family and friends. Rahul and Smita are getting married and you are invited to attend on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 11:39 AM at Mayfair Hotel, Dr. Sharma Patel Road, Bhubaneshwar – 756001.

Please RSVP by Feb 25th at Wedding Website

Image Credits:



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6 Reasons: You should use a Wedding App

It is 2014. The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your phone. And it is not only you. The same applies to your friends, cousins, uncle and aunty. Everyone. While we won’t use this post to sing laurels about smartphones, the fact is they have pervaded our lives and form a key part of pretty much every thing that we do. In which case, having an app for your wedding serves many utilitarian needs and when done right helps you speak your style too.

Manage your guests & invites in a saner fashion

Easily invite guests and manage RSVPs.  Guests will be on the move all the time. Giving them the convenience of responding to your invitation through the app is priceless. Besides, you can use the app to coordinate smaller events such as a Sangeet practice in the run up to the wedding.

Who wants to chase photos post (or even pre) wedding

Lots of photos are taken during the wedding planning itself and also during the wedding. In fact, most of these are taken using cell phones. What tends to happen more often than not is that after the photo is taken it simply sits on the phone. Once in a while it makes its way to some social networking sites and that is it. Nothing beyond that.

Reduce last minute calls on event location and timings

Having all your wedding details (event name, date, time, venue, parking available or not etc.) easily accessible, helps guests plan their travel easily.

Its open

You don’t need to code even a single line. You immediately get access to Android and iOS applications along with a robust website. 

While private

Share the most private moments with only your friends and family. Are you really going to allow your 15 year old cousin or auntyji to check out your college photos on Facebook because you want to share your wedding photos with them? Probably not. Your own wedding app makes the whole wedding interaction an intimate and personal experience without you having to worry about privacy settings across networks.

Its simple to use

We decided to dedicate the 6th reason to us 😉 .  Euphoriq is the perfect Indian wedding app. You can check out our Android and iOS apps. To view a demo wedding simply

1. Download the”Euphoriq” app

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

2. Login

3. Click on “Join Wedding Using Code

4. Enter the codeeuphoriq

To get your own wedding app and website on Euphoriq click here.

Still reading? We really love you. Now go figure out what kind of a bollywood husband or wife you would make. Click Here to take the most accurate quiz ever.

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Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book – The Why and The How?

A wedding guest book is a great way to capture all the nice comments from guests.

The Why?

In a matter of a few days, you as the couple will end up meeting all the guests which can range from a few hundred to thousands depending on the size of your social circle and more importantly the wallet 😉 All these people are very very happy that you are getting married. Some have travelled far and wide to come and bless you on this beautiful occasion and to feast on the gulab jamuns you so gracefully have provided them.

Your friends probably already have a great story to tell you about what went down while trying to reach the wedding venue and how it all makes sense that you are getting married. Get the drift? These are wonderful thoughts and comments which you would lose if you did not facilitate these eager beavers with penning down their thoughts. So go for it. Make sure it happens. You will not regret having a wedding guest book.

The How?

Hopefully, after reading the above you are already convinced that having a wedding guest book is super critical. So now how does one go about actually getting it in action. Quite simple actually. There are pretty much only two ways of doing it

Types of Wedding Guest Books


Nope…do not even think about using the Bank Diary you got on 1st Jan 2014 or buying a Full Scape notebook or a Slam Book (do they even make those anymore?). Best thing to do is make it personal. Print a book with nice photos on one side and a blank page on the other side. You could also go in for readymade books like the one’s shown here. I would suggest keeping a nice high end pen with it. But here is the difficult part of having a physical wedding guest book. You need to give someone the responsibility of ensuring guests have access to it, the pen is available, you get the book back and the book does not have gulab jamun syrup spilt on it. You could also look at some DIY / innovative ideas.


Again – no blank word documents or worse blank power points. Using keynote is not okay either. Best thing to do is have a beautiful wedding website with a built in guest book feature. Have you checked out the one on Euphoriq? (Okay slightly biased here) The best part is you get to collect comments from guests any time any where and not worry about losing the book, pen or the aforementioned syrupy stain. The photo slide show on the guest book gives it the same personal touch. You could even use an iPAD at the venue to get the comments. Here is how.

Of course, there is no harm at all in having both options open.

Do let us know if you are planning on having a guest book at your wedding and if you already did then what are some of the messages you received?

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Featured Image

Pre Wedding Shoots – 5 Tips to make it memorable and timeless

Pre wedding shoots are nice. They give the couple a chance to act goofy, emotional, outright outrageous you name it. But most importantly they should convey a story – at least one would hope. So here are five nice and easy tips to keep in mind while planning your pre wedding shoot.

1. Pick locations that are relevant to you

Where did you first meet? Which movie theatre do you frequent the most? She loves the milkshakes at that nice restaurant in South Mumbai. You get the drift…right? These are memories that are unique to you. A pre wedding shoot is probably the only time you are going to make such a thorough effort in cataloguing those special moments. So yes, do think hard and include some of these locations on your list. And grooms to be, do not say “I don’t remember” to most of these questions!

2. Mommy, Daddy, Bhaiyya, Bhabhi, Didi – are all there too! 

So how many times had the world come to an end because he / she did not answer your call or SMS. And who was it that told you, don’t worry it is only a bad network. Also, remember those times when your little sister or brother would eavesdrop with a simple goal of getting bribed to not disclose masala details to parents. Well all those little instances have led to today. So do take a few shots during the pre wedding shoot with all those that have made this union possible.

3. Drinking the night before is not a good idea

Unless you are going for the blood shot eye zombie look. Nursing a hangover while taking the 15th shot of you and your love might not be the best situation. Besides you might pose a threat to the photographer and their crew and the society at large. Hence, plan well in advance and keep all the parties either much before or right after the photo shoot. 

4. Do not get struck by a train

Based on recent updates on my timeline it seems everyone is in love with the railways. My friends seem to have an immense amount of faith in the train schedules, which gives them the bravado to lie on tracks and take a beautiful shot. We get it. It is a nice shot. But, why keep on repeating the same pose over and over again? Why not give your friends the opportunity to “like” a photo that looks different and not the same scene with different people in it. So yes, following trends does come with an inherent fatigue – pick your shot carefully!

5. Avoid getting caught by over zealous policemen

This is a true story. A friend of mine thought about having a very romantic photo for his pre wedding shoot, which did involve a very intimate moment right in the middle of the city – outside CST. Lo and behold, cops showed up out of nowhere threatening to tell the couple’s parents what they were upto. Fortunately for them, the parents are the one’s who had suggested the shot in the first place. So be careful or have super cool parents or wads of cash. Whatever works for you!

Have you done a pre wedding shoot lately and something absolutely unique to you? Do share your pictures we would love to feature you on our blog!

Image Credits:

Tip 1: http://www.du.universityexpress.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/SXCMumbai.jpg

Tip 2: http://media.apunkachoice.com/image/u/i/aa/movgal376.jpg

Tip 3: http://cf.chucklesnetwork.agj.co/items/1/3/4/7/5/not-sure-if-drunk-or-zombie.jpg

Tip 4: http://www.picsgag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/police-chase-criminal-funny.jpg

Tip 5: Amusing Thailand

Featured Image: http://cabinetofcuriosities.ca/assets/2014/01/vintage-cameras-cabinet-of-curiosities.jpg

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Why Euphoriq? Why?

Ok, the title is slightly misleading (Ok, fine, a lot!). But I wanted to take this chance and talk a bit about Euphoriq, how and why we narrowed in upon the product, why we named it Euphoriq and so on.

The Origin Story

Photo Credit: http://fbkarsdorp.github.io/

Once upon a time, Tejas and I met. First in college, as roommates, and then later post our respective MBA’s. And we discussed business ideas (the latter time!). And talked about what is wrong with the world and how we could revolutionize it. And while we went over dozens and dozens of ideas, it was Tejas’ wedding that actually struck a chord with us. I had attended his wedding about 3 months before this meeting, and I was complaining to him how I still hadn’t seen a single good photo of mine from his wedding.

His retort? “Neither have I!

This was 3 months later. His excuses?

  1. I had so much other stuff happening right after the wedding
  2. The photographer took his sweet time sending me the photos
  3. The photographer sent me 8934 (yes, 8934! A quite random but insane number) photos, and told me to select my favorites. I still haven’t had the time
  4. I don’t know who else has some good photos. I know I saw a few fly by on facebook right after the wedding though.

By the way, it is now more than a year since, and I still haven’t seen a photo of mine, but thats neither here nor there. And this is where we had our aha moment. If we (slightly tech savy, but still socially challenged) couldn’t get our digital photo album out, then wouldn’t this be a lot of people’s problems? And if so, couldn’t we do something about it?

Enter Unnamed Product?


The more we talked about it, the more we were convinced. These were pictures worth capturing and making sure they didn’t get lost in that post wedding splurge that happened while most couples were at the honeymoon. But was that enough to build a product around?

After a few days, we had narrowed upon a vision. We wanted to make weddings memorable and timeless, with ease! What did that mean? Creating a wedding website, sharing information about the wedding, managing your guest list, tracking invites and responses and most importantly, capturing each memory from the wedding, be it a message or a photo, should be dead simple.

Euphoria? Euphoriq? Eureka!

Featured Slide 2 - Uncle with Phone

The hardest thing about the product was the name. Not the website. Not the android app. Not the photo syncing (though that was quite arduous). But the name. The conversations we had! The names we rejected. From the overly sober to the downright hilarious, we went through it all. And just when we would happen upon a name we would like, somebody would be squatting on the domain.

But finally, amidst all the hysteria, we focussed upon Euphoria. The feeling we wanted the couple and all their guests to feel, and remember from the wedding. The feeling we wanted to share as the wedding happens. And we settled upon Euphoriq!

To Euphoriq, and beyond!


We did a soft launch before doing a proper release late last year. We started with the Web and Android first, and our iOS app followed soon after early this year. We have been churning away at features, and we hit the following landmarks

  1. Over 80 registered weddings
  2. Over 1000 photos uploaded
  3. Over 500 registered guests across the weddings
  4. Weddings hosted from Chandigarh to Chennai

And we believe this is just the start. We have not stopped making things simpler, adding more cooler and cooler features and just a lot of exciting stuff we can’t wait to share with you.


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Indian Weddings

Hello World & Indian Weddings

Yes! Finally we have gotten around to our first blog post. We could not resist the temptation of posting “Hello World” – the line that millions have typed millions of times when they first learned to code. So, here we are introducing ourselves to you with a promise of covering the world of Indian weddings one post at a time, one app download at a time and one wedding at a time!

Our posts will broadly range around:

Indian Weddings – Planning Tips and Tricks

Indian weddings are probably one of the most complicated events to manage. One is dealing with cultural sensitivities, traditions, budgets, logistics, 100 out of town guests and a generator van to ensure that the reception stage does not suffer a power outage! We help you with all the useful information that gets you setup for the big day. We will talk about great tools to help you organise, highlight sites and articles that you should not miss and feature experts who will give you loads of great advice.

Indian Weddings – Styles and Trends

Don’t miss out on the latest colours and trends for the season. We will showcase some exciting fashion trends in Indian Weddings – be it apparel, jewellery, makeup, gifts and what not! You can also follow us on our Pinterest account to get regular updates!

Some humour – You will need it with all the planning

The planning will get to you. After the 15th saree or the 4th suit trial you might just be praying get out of the rut and simply go and enjoy your honeymoon. Well fear not. We are here to share some fun facts, jokes and wedding confessions. To get started, why not simply check out the latest babuji jokes. The man who has etched the words samdhi and samdhan for eternity.

Wedding Stories

Told through words, pictures, and videos. Stay tuned to hear more about the proposal, planning, wedding and honeymoon from real couples.

Our products, services and journey!

Euphoriq’s mission is to make indian weddings timeless with ease. It is our endeavour to bring the best of technology and smart partnerships to make your wedding memorable with extreme convenience. We are a young startup, proudly based out of Mumbai with big dreams, crazy passion and a major respect for your support. We simply love you and think that your big day might actually be bigger for us!

We want to hear from you and stay in touch with you. Do follow us on

Do let us know if there is something you would like to see us cover by dropping in a line to hello@euphoriq.in

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